Health and wellness don’t come in a uniform package. You know your body best and know the size and shape that feels best for you. I will help you find the nutritional fuel, supplements, and lifestyle habits that help you look and feel your best. Progress will be measured in a variety of ways including energy levels, satiation and mood in addition to biometric data like weight and waist measurements.

BellyBlissful’s your best body Program Includes

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In-depth Assessment

During this 75 minute session we will delve more deeply into your personal goals, medical history, current eating habits, exercise routine, daily movement, stress level, sleep habits, motivators, challenges and more. You will walk away with a solid plan and clear-cut strategies for achieving your body transformation goals.

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customized plan

Based on your in-depth assessment I will create and share a detailed wellness plan tailored to your specific needs. Each plan differs based on an individual’s unique needs but may include pre and post-workout fuel suggestions, hydration goals, food timing tips, mind-body practices and supplementation (when appropriate).

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check-in sessions

During your bi-weekly 30 min. check-ins we will discuss the previous weeks in detail (wins, challenges, etc.) and strategize for the coming weeks. We will also make any necessary adjustments to your initial nutrition and wellness plan.

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interactive log

Throughout your program I am by your side providing support, motivation and accountability via your own private interactive food and fitness journaling app. It's pretty much like having an on-call expert nutritionist! For example, if you need assistance choosing healthier options on a menu I will be there to help!