My guiding principles…

Quality > Quantity

When you eat in a truly nourishing balanced way, there is no need to obsess over calories. I place emphasis on eating a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh produce, healthy fats and high quality protein.


Mindfulness Matters

What you eat is important but so is HOW and WHY. Mindful or intuitive eating is the practice of cultivating awareness around food and eating patterns.

Diversity’s Divine

We are all unique and that is beautiful! Health and wellness does not come in a uniform package. It is not one color, one size or one shape. Weight, lab values, and other biometric data is only one component of a very large and complex picture. I will help you measure progress using markers such as satiation, energy levels, digestion, and fitness level.

Cultivate Kindness

Would you say that to your best friend? Ask  yourself this question whenever you catch yourself slinging insults at your own reflection. Acts of kindness and service are wonderful but it starts with being kinder to yourself.

Working with Cori was a wonderful, nurturing, life-changing experience. She truly helped me understand food and how it is meant to be bought, prepared, and consumed. After a life long battle with anxious eating, Cori helped me calm my anxiety and learn to truly see food as my friend and not my enemy. I will forever be grateful to Cori for all the incredible gems she offered and all the peace she has brought to my life. I highly recommend Cori to anyone who is ready to take control of their eating and their life.
— I.A. Bayside, NY