What BellyBlissful Clients are Saying…

I had a wonderful experience with my initial phone consultation. I was nervous since I had never consulted with a nutritionist before. Cori was very professional and friendly. She went over my history, my medical issues that I want to get under control, my goals and a realistic way to achieve them. I told my husband it was like talking to a friend that just so happened to be a certified dietitian! I appreciated her honest help and look forward to further coaching with her. I will be recommending her to my friends and family!
— D.M. Azusa, CA
When I first started working with Cori, I had a slew of IBS and colitis symptoms. None of my doctors believed in a link between diet and my colitis, but after almost 10 years of on-and-off symptoms, and a really bad recent flare-up, I was ready to try healing through nutrition. I read what I could and experimented with my diet on my own, but got overwhelmed by the huge amount of information. That’s when I reached out to Cori. She has helped me in so many areas – beyond what I even realized I needed help with! My IBS symptoms are gone, and we’re constantly adjusting my diet to address my Colitis systems. It’s frustrating and challenging, and there’s no way I would have stuck with all the dietary changes without Cori’s support. I also don’t late-night binge anymore, now that I understand why I was so hungry at night in the first place. This was an issue I didn’t even realize I had until I started journaling and reviewing my meals with Cori. More than anything, Cori is helping me to change my relationship with food. After years of seeing food as the enemy – the cause of pain, embarrassment, confusion, frustration, and fear – I am finally beginning to appreciate it again. I am so grateful for her help.
— D.B.  Roslyn, NY
Cori has truly been incredible in my weight loss journey. I hired her at the beginning of 2018 for my wedding in September, and she has been amazing. She helped me figure out what to eat for optimal energy and what I was doing that was holding me back from losing weight. At no point did her methods ever leave me feeling hungry or unsatisfied during the day. Her weekly and bi-weekly check-ins really helped keep me on track, and not only was she an amazing nutritionist, but a wonderful friend. I specifically remember one check-in where she could clearly hear the stress in my voice, and stopped the check-in to have me do a few deep yoga breaths on the call. It’s moments like this that really show how much she cares about her clients and their mental and emotional well-being. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and found the virtual sessions a super convenient way to work with a nutritionist. You do it entirely on your schedule and don’t have to stress about running to an office! I couldn’t have gotten here without Cori’s help.
— J.E., North Carolina
What separates Cori and her program from others is the well-rounded integrative approach she takes, not only to weight loss but to making long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes. I have been working with Cori for about 4 months now and cannot say enough about what I have learned and the progress I have made. Not only am I stronger and healthier physically but I am also enjoying getting to wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years – not to mention buying smaller sizes for the new season!

The one one-on-one weekly discussions, recipes Cori shares (and eats too!) and the easy to use online interactive daily log have all really helped in my weight loss and health journey so far.  Not to mention my favorite part, the “mindfulness” practices that have kept me motivated even when I want to beat myself up for a “bad day” or drift into negative thinking. Cori just plain doesn’t let you go there! She always reminds me to be kind and compassionate to myself as I would be to those I love.

After seeing the results both my brother and sister-in-law achieved in a relatively short period of time with Cori, I signed up and am continuing to enjoy the process. I highly recommend Cori’s program to anyone looking for a healthy long-term lifestyle change!
— C.O., New Jersey